"Janitou" Film is Named: Aa Gale Lag Jaa!

This morning when I installed Wordpress, had no idea about the first topic & didn't imagine I'd talk about an Indian movie, but here I am, I guess I might write about even stranger topics later ..

So, the most known Bollywood film in Algeria I always knew as "Janitou" has in fact "Aa Gale Lag Jaa" as title which seems to mean "Come and Embrace me"; the movie was out in 1973 imagine? I was kid when I watched it in the 80s & only remember a disabled kid named "Janitou" (dunno his real name), there's also a song in the movie everybody knows as "Janitou" (most popular Hindi song here) its real name is "Tera Mujh Se Hain Pehle Ka Nata Koi", everybody likes & sings "Janitou" even the younger who never watched the movie, I found the video on Youtube, hope you enjoy it :D


  1. This song has touch me, I have shearche it in evrywhere but no things found. it remember me my infancy periode. thank you very much. (I'm from Algeria).

  2. as always my mom said "if you don't cry while watching janito your heart is made of stone"
    i've never watched it ,but the actors don't look like Hindu people ! :D

  3. my favorate film ever,
    hacene adli from algeria


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