Mourn the Victim or Curse the Murderer?

What to do when someone commits suicide?


  1. suicide
    suicide is the intention to kill yourself. Most of the suicide operations are committed by people who are depressed, not having a willing to live ,or even having serious mental problems... According to reliable sources suicide is the tenth-leading cause of death worldwide. As we can see it's a series issue that we have to make it decrease. Easy to say ! Problems are the main cause of suicide , for example if someone can't afford something that he thinks that he can't live without it , he'll comet suicide. So if you attended a suicide scene as to topic shows . what will you do ?
    I think the first think is that you have to call the police and an ambulance immediately. Leave everything as it was and especially the body. Just if the body is going through a position of torturing like Fire, electric shock and so on. in this case try to stop it . After a horrible scene you should see a psychologist to make you forget and accept what happened....and of course to make sure you'll not commit suicide in your turn too !


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