Review of TemplateCodes Modules & Templates System

So I decided to make a review & talk about things you need to know before you buy the system of modifcations & templates for the 68Classifieds script.

I previously made a quick comparative of classifieds scripts & had chosen 68Classifieds for my project. But like other scripts it has its limitations, I guess any site has unique needs & unless you hire a programmer you won't be able to satisfy at 100% those needs.

Well there are some modules to let you customize & add features to 68Classifieds, there's a special site for them,

Some of the modules are free but there are paid ones too. The TemplateCodes package is interesting because with $100 you can get about 10 modules & a template with 8 colors to choose from. What drove me to buy it were mostly the Filter module, which filters ads, the CSS Horizontal Listings modules that displays featured, new or random listings on your pages & the Google site map generator module.

That said, here are some things you need to know before purchasing the system, even if, like me, they most likely won't prevent you from buying it, simply because you have no choice.

1. You won't be able to use the modules without the templates or the templates without the modules! The system has a kind of "main module" that should be installed 1st to be able to run the other modules & templates.

2. Outside of the Template Zones module, none of the others is customizable from your admin panel, you will have to edit PHP & TPL (templates) files to customize them & sometimes it's not obvious.

3. Even the Template Zones module, which is supposed to allow you "rearrange your template without touching a line of code" is not that flexible. It has limited number of movable blocks, they can't be moved to the center column & the cool accordion groups a number of blocks that are impossible to move separately. Creating new blocks is not an easy task, checkout my new guide for that.

4. The Filter module is set by default to filter content by state (68Classifieds comes with a list of U.S. states by default), while you can change this behavior to filter content using an extra field (custom field you create), there's no obvious way to filter content by country for example, which is a core field. I managed to do this though, guide coming soon here's the tutorial ;)

5. The guys at TemplateCodes ask you not to remove any of their copyright notices across the scripts, they don't talk specifically about linking to them but one of the "copyright notices" are in form of a link in the template's footer. I don't think this fair for two reasons: 1, it's a paid script & 2, it's just part of 68Classifieds script, while this later allows me to remove the footer notice, why should I keep the addon's? Well this issue of the footer can be solved by creating your own template ;)


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  3. We really appreciate your review of TemplateCodes system and some of the customizations that you are proposing. It all looks very positive and we are working hard to continually enhance our products. You shouldcertainly provide a link to your work in the 68 classifieds forum.

    A couple of things that I do feel need correcting. Creating new blocks within the layout is only really limited by a basic skill in html. At its simplest it is a copy/paste operation where you then put in your own content. What is not so straightforward is adding those blocks for automatic manipulation through the templatezones module. They remain manually position-able on the layouts only. We would certainly see this as a future enhancement.

    Secondly, We do not ask an pbody to retain the copyright notices on the visible parts of the site. We only ask that it remains as a commented out notice in the top of source files as is usual practice amongst developers. There is only one visible copyright notice and that is in the footer of the layout. This can be easily removed should the license holder not wish to display it.

    Anyway, its a nice set of reviews. Keep i tup. New templates to review are coming soon. Feel free to contact us as we feel sure you have much which could be added to our knowledge base.



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