How to Count Paths in Adobe Illustrator

I always wanted to know how many paths contains an illustration I make, just to have an idea about its complexity & brag about it, but couldn't find that info in Illustrator. Actually it's very simple, should have searched better ..

This works on Adobe Illustrator CS3, but i guess it would work on CS2 & some other older versions.

There are two palettes for information in Illustrator, one called just "Info", basically displays cursor position & some color values, the second, which we need here is named "Document Info", to show it, go on Window > Document Info.

By default this palette displays general information about the document, that's why when I checked it first time I didn't see what I was looking for, to see all the other information this palette offers, go click on the little arrow on top-right of it, a menu will show with plenty of information types, the one that's gonna get paths number for us is named "Objects", click on it to select it.

Note that all on top of the menu you can choose to display info only for selected elements or for the whole content of your document (even hidden or locked elements).


  1. Is it possible to save the document Info through action or through programmatically?

  2. In the bottom of the menu shown above in the screen shot you can read 'Save...', click there to save info as a txt file. Don't know about actions or programming :)


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