Why All the Keyboard Shortcuts were Messed

W00t! Finally found out why!

On Illustrator lately & before on other programs I had this problem: I'm working all is fine, keyboard shortcuts are OK & saving me some seconds each time I use them; you know shortcuts like Ctrl + Z to cancel an action or Ctrl + A to select all elements ... then suddenly for some unknown reason nothing work properly, I do Ctrl + Z & a prompt display asking me if I want to save my work before I close the program??!!! In fact a few times I'm hurried & I just click on "No" without reading the notice & lose all my unsaved work! And I rarely save my work I must confess .. really infuriating!

OK, here's the reason of the change in those shortcuts: it's because of language change in the language bar, when the language is English the keys are in their place, but if I change to Arabic to make some searches for example, some keys are no longer in their place, for example the Z is recognized as Q, that's why Ctrl + Z becomes Ctrl + Q which orders the program to close ...

Till today I didn't notice the problem was occurring every time I was switching to Arabic, I was thinking it was some bug or a problem in the keyboard (some times keys like Ctrl are stuck when heavily used) ...


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