How to Make Rapidshare Links Clickable & Save Copy / Paste Time

Hmmm, a lot of ideas but rare time to post here ... anyways, back to to topic, has an upload limit of 100 mb but often the uploaded files are much bigger, packing them in split archive files allows that .. the problem is when you want to download a file of a few gigabytes (split to 10s of files) & all the links are just textual which means you can't just click on them to start your download, but you have to copy then paste them on your browser's address bar one by one.

Now comes this simple method to make the links clickable & save you a lot of precious minutes:

Go to & look at the top navigation menu for "RapidTools", move your mouse to put your cursor over it & you should see three more links, click on "RapidShare Checker". Now you can see a field when you can paste all your links one under each other, once done click on the "Check URLs" button under the field.

RapidShare will now check if your URLs are valid or not, hopefully you find them are valid & on the right of each of them a clickable link named "File to load".

You know what to do now, keep clicking till you drop! Of course you will need a premium RS account to download all those links & optionally a good download manager like FlashGet or IDM ...


  1. I use the site. I simply copy all the text links to and paste them into the website, then click on "Make text links clickable" and that is it. I can then download as many as 20 at a time without any issues. I am lazy, please let me know if your way is easier than mine. Thanks, Mike

  2. LoL I didn't know there was a site dedicated to RS links :D

    Your method looks easier actually, but with mine there's the advantage of knowing in advance if the links are dead :)

  3. This is the best, most useful piece of information I have found in a very long time. My sincerest thanks!!!

  4. People!!

    Best and the easiest way is to use the rs download manager found on the rs website under rapid tools and rapid download manager. download the manager and follow the instructions on the website as quoted below.. will make your life so easy, its unimaginable. it was a god send. maybe I am too late on the news, but since there was no post decided to post anyways.

    After Downloading follow the below process.

    "Open the tab Download and click the blue button "Add". You can either copy RapidShare download links into the list, or insert any text containing links. By clicking on the button "Take links", they are extracted from the text and checked.

    A message informs you whether the links are correct and the files are available. If you do not want to download all the links that have been found, you can uncheck the unwanted ones by reversing the selection. Then click on "Download".

    You have the option to change where the files are saved and enter a comment regarding the download. You can check this comment at any time, change it or insert one afterwards. Click the right mouse button on the relevant entry and select "Show comment".

    You decide how many downloads should happen at the same time. Waiting entries start automatically when the ongoing download is completed. When a file is saved completely, it can be opened with a double click "

    Hope this helps..


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