Problems Upgrading to Wordpress 2.5 & to Upload Pictures

Only one post this month & this is the second, it's not a lake of ideas or that I'm learning nothing, I just had no time, too busy with other stuff, even now I should be ... sleeping after a long day of work ...
OK, this is the only WP Blog I upgraded to version 2.5 & I didn't like it because I'm used to the old interface, a lot of things seem not "in their place", & moreover, when I tried to upload a picture for my other post I got an error with the new Flash based uploader, just today I went trying to fix the problem.

A good troubleshooting thread can be found in Wordpress support forums. To summarize it, it talks about:

- Reinstalling & make sure the files are uploaded correctly & to delete wp-admin and wp-includes before starting the Reinstallation / upgrade ... I upgraded my 2.5 to 2.5.1, but nothing (something about the upgrade in the end of this post :) )
- Deactivate Plug-ins & try the uploader, then activate one by one till you know where the prob comes from ... I did, still nothing
- Clear browser's cache & delete the /wp-content/uploads/js_cache directory ... I skipped clearing cache as I upgraded more than 2 weeks ago & still have this problem; & I couldn't find a js_cache directory
- Update your Adobe Flash ... I started the upgrade but my problem was solved while doing it so I canceled :) Which bring us to the step that solved it:
- Disable mod_security, to do so, make an .htaccess file in your wp-admin directory. Add this to it:

<IfModule mod_security.c>
<Files async-upload.php>
SecFilterEngine Off
SecFilterScanPOST Off

I suggest to start from this last try, that would save you some time :)

Now let's talk about my 2.5 > 2.5.1 upgrade; I used Fantastico for my 2.5, but today I instead installed & used a great Plug-in: Automatic Upgrade.

I was always lazy to upgrade my Blogs, but now I think I will do each time a new version is out. The plug-in doe everything for you: it downloads the installation package from WP & upload to server, makes backups of files and database, disables all plug-ins for you & do the upgrade, the whole takes 2 or 3 minutes, & even the Plug-in itself is easy to install (usual upload files & activate).

Only thing it was supposed to do & didn't was to reactivate the plug-ins it deactivated while installing, but that's not a big deal :)


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