A Multi Language Plugin & a Symmetrical Shape

OK, two things I learned today totally unrelated:

How to make Wordpress multilingual, I need that for a new project that's planned to be in three langauges, Arabic, English & French, it's a Plug-in named Language Switcher:
The way it works is that you write the content for your blog in multiple languages, using special tags to tell the plug-in which text goes with which language. You'll also install "gettext" language files to translate the text generated by your theme, other plug-ins, and WordPress itself into your target languages.

Second thing I learned is a way to draw symmetrical shapes in Adobe Illustrator, the Tutorial can be found it here in Shape Shed blog. You will need your Ruler (CTRL + R), your Reflect Tool (O) & the most interesting thing in that tutorial, a well hidden shortcut to join and average end points with one operation: Ctrl + Shift + Alt + J (on MAC: Apple + SHIFT + ALT + J).

OK, this was my short update, it's 12:06 AM the first day of June. May ended with only two posts, I hope I can post more this month :)


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