Ten Reasons to Adopt a Turtle!

I came to the conclusion that the best pet you could get is ... a turtle!

I hate dogs, they scared me when I was young (& they still) & they look dumb to me.

Cats are not bad, I like them actually & was friend with some :lol: , but they are not that different from dogs ...

Fish? No! Too much care & they quickly die, I don't think it right to call them "pets" at all.

Hmm, hamsters? Did you see them eating each other? even own progeny?! Plus they don't like showers, actually being wet means death to them ...

OK, I won't pass all animals in review, let's go straight to the 10 reasons to adopt a cute little turtle instead of all those stupid & annoying creatures:

1. A turtle needs no care, leave it in your garden & forget about it, it will eat grass & be sufficient unto the water contained in it! Don't exaggerate though, give it a leaf or two of salad from time to time & some fresh water, it's your sweet & dear little turtle after all! 😊

2. You don't have to host it in your home & to teach it how to pee in the toilet! Your furnishings also will love your turtle (that's in the case they see it at all). After all a turtle comes with its own personal house free of charge! 😊

3. A turtle comes with its own personal house free of charge 😁

4. It has no natural enemies, its house is also a formidable armour!

5. It lives so long, no dramatic losses & depressions, you will most likely die before your turtle & hand it down to you grand sons!

6. It will never climb trees & stay there like a dumb coz it didn't find a way down!

7. Will never escape & leave you anxious & sticking posters everywhere, & even if it does it can't go too far, it's too slow!

8. You can't make education mistakes & spoil your turtle, that's just impossible!

9. It's so quiet! Will never shout or cry & wake you up & your neighbors at night!

10. If after all the other reasons above you still prefer dogs, know that just like dogs a turtle can bite & cut your kids fingers, now you have no excuse! 😃


  1. Cool, I was looking for this, you gave me good reason! tnx :D

  2. loooool I totally agree !!


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