Me Converting a MPEG Video to DivX

I had a movie in MPEG format (extension .mpg) of 1H 20min length & 1.6gb size, usually DivX files with similar length take less than 700mb, so I went googling & looking for a way to convert the film, I first tried VirtualDub & VirtualDubMod but for some reason I got a big file & worse a black screen .. I went searching again to find a link to "Dr. DivX", one problem is that the doctor was away! Damn him!

Finally found Vidomi & instructions on how to use it but also got problems converting to DivX, so I went to a choose "DivX 3" option instead (DivX 3 Hybrid 2), one problem, I had no DivX 3 codec installed, but the good thing is that it's downloadable from Vidomi site (divx311ainstaller.exe) .. OK, installed & started a +3H encoding from MPEG to DivX 3 .. the result? a +600mb file, no noticeable sound quality loss & a smaller screen size but when in full size, the image quality looks the same ... I was happy with the result & I didn't have to manipulate any settings for the encoding (too simple), so that's the method I'd use in the future :)


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