Can't Upload ZIP Files? Check Your MIME Types Settings!

I've uploaded zip files before using Firefox & even to iStockphoto, but don't know what happened to the browser & how settings changed ... Two days ago I couldn't upload & was getting an error message saying the zip file was invalid, I first thought the problem was coming from the file & the way I packed my vectors in it, but then I browsed the forums & found out this answer:
... The error you are receiving is due to a
MIME-Type error. This happens when something changes Firefox's mime type for
zip files, typically it's changed to "application/download". It should
be "application/x-zip-compressed".

OK, a "MIME-Type error", I've never heard about this "MIME", seems it's a set of settings to control how different types of files are opened, uploaded, etc.

Anyways, what interests me is how to solve my problem, as explained above the MIME type for zip files should be changed to "application/x-zip-compressed", or created if it doesn't exist, but how?

What's great with Firefox is the number & variety of extensions it has, so I just searched for "MIME" in the Add-ons database & fond this: MIME Edit, now:

- Download it, restart your browser, then go to "Tools > MIME Edit ..", choose the "Edit" tab

- Look for the settings for zip in the list of files types, when you select a file type, a description of it is displayed in a box

- If you find the settings for zip, click on the "Edit" button, if you don't, click on the "New Type..." button

- Enter these settings:
MIME Type: application/x-zip-compressed
Description: ZIP files (or anything else)
Extension: zip

- Click on OK, then OK, & you're done!

I must add that I got the same error today, when I checked the MIME settings again, I found that another MIME type was entered automatically for zip files (the one I edited was still there) so I deleted that additional entry & my upload went fine then! :)


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