The Hundlebar Mustache Style

I needed to find some mustache pictures for a chef illustration I was making, so I went googling, the first search result for "mustache" was the "American Mustache Institute" Website, I found there this page about Mustache Styles & learned there's the Chevron mustache, the Dali mustache, the English, the Fu Manchu, the Horseshoe, Imperial, Lampshade, Painter's Brush, Pencil, Pyramidal, Toothbrush (Hitler's like), Walrus & the one I was looking for - without knowing the name - the Handlebar mustache, the famous cook's one.

Once I knew how my mustache was named, I went searching for it, found really few results on my favorite search engine, among them was the Hundlebar Mustache Club Website, an international Hundlebar Mustache club based at the "Windsor Castle" pub in London.

What interested me in there were of course the photos galleries, this page precisely made me laugh out loud, check out what's written about Michael Attree to understand. :)


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