Phone Inventor Was Graham Bell? Antonio Meucci?

So today is March the 3rd, the day Alexander Graham Bell was born in year 1847, Bell is recognized universally as the inventor of the Telephone, a revolutionary communication mean of the modern era.

Google in its main page today decorated the famous logo for the occasion with a drawing of the personality & his good old Telephone, doing that, Google has chosen its side in a controversy ...

I've heard before that Mr. Bell wasn't really the inventor of the phone & today I read more about this.

According to Wikipedia, there were over 600 so called inventors who claimed to have invented the Telephone, an example is Florentine immigrant Antonio Meucci who took Bell to court in 1876 and according to an article in the was nearing victory but when he died in 1889, The legal action died with him (Wikipedia stats Meucci lost his case due to lack of material evidence of his inventions).

However, in 2002, 113 years after Meucci's death & due to the efforts of Congressman Vito J. Fossella, a resolution by the House of Representatives recognized him as the inventor of the Phone.
Responsible scholarship has shown that the invention of what we know today as the telephone likely took place closer to the middle of the 19th century than its end, when Alexander Graham Bell received his patent. For instance, it is known that Meucci demonstrated his device in 1860, that a description appeared in New York's Italian language newspaper and that Western Union received working models from Meucci but reportedly lost them.

Press Release - Vito J. Fossella

Still the subject remains controversial, some modern scholars like Mary Bellis & Tom Farley, do not recognize the claims of acoustic devices such as Meucci's had a bearing on the development of the telephone.
...Like Gray, Meucci claims Bell stole his ideas. To be true Bell must have falsified every notebook and letter he wrote about coming to his conclusions. That is, it is not enough to steal, you must provide a false story about how you came along on the path to discovery. You must falsify each step toward invention. Nothing in Bell's writing, character, or his life after 1876 suggest he did so, indeed, in the more than 600 lawsuits which involved him, no one else was credited for inventing the telephone. [...] Nearly every scholar agrees that Bell and Watson were the first to transmit intelligible speech by electrical means. Others transmitted a sound or a click or a buzz but our boys [Bell and Watson] were the first to transmit speech one could understand.

Tom Farley


  1. There all lies it was Meucci you can visit a thousand websites and 800 could all be about Meucci either a) invented the tele phone or b) was in court with him al the others are just looking for some money.

  2. A comprehensive review of the 107th U.S. Congress' HRes. 269, which many believed to be both biased and flawed and which **implied** that Antonio Meucci invented the telephone, can be found at:

  3. dominic CianciusiApril 12, 2010 at 5:47 AM

    Farley called them 'our boys.
    How about scam artists?
    One was a 20 year-old grease monkey that Bell hired becasue he he was inept with his hands. Inept enough to spill acid on his legs when sending that stupid message. This is a 'scientist'?
    These 'boys' were too busy stealing and scheming for easy prey to gain those models becasue they were tooo stupid and lazy for such an invention.
    Judge Walllace was a crooked son of a bitch.


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