My iStock Vectors Application - Follow up

About 10 days ago I posted about my application to upload Vectors to iStock Photo, yesterday morning I finally got an email from them (they previously said the response would take up to two weeks).

Well, two of the samples I sent them were approved & the third rejected for the following reason:

"We're sorry but this artwork is not what we are currently looking for in terms of composition, color usage, use of line and shape, concept, detail and/or file complexity."

I'd have preferred the reason was more precise than that, looks they assembled all the possible rejection causes in those two lines, but well, somehow I agree with them that the third sample I made was rather simplistic.

That rejection was a good thing in fact, it impelled me to learn more; they sent me a link to an article along with that list of possible rejection reasons, it's detailed & explains well what should & shouldn't be done with Vectors for Stock.

I read that article & also others that are linked from it:

Photos & silhouette tracing - Explaining that not every photo makes a good source for vectors especially silhouette traces.

How to choose colors - A lot about colors, the basics then different techniques to combine colors.

Human proportions - The rules & different calculations to draw human bodies & the exceptions to rules.

And there's still one or two articles I have to read; btw, I started making the illustration that will be sent as the third sample, the good thing is that you don't have to start all over again if get rejected, but only replace the files that were rejected, this time I'm trying to make a complex enough illustration & care enough about the little things, I think I can do even better than the files that were accepted, as now I know more than ever about Vectors designed for Stock ;-)


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