Can You Blame Someone for Driving Drunk?

I don't drink so I allow myself to say this :twisted:

It's simple, why to punish people for driving drunk? They are not in their normal state & don't have all their mind, they shouldn't be responsible then as the act of drinking is not illegal in itself. A kid is not responsible as an adult because of their immaturity, so are mad men or those who walk in their sleep, why is it different with drunkards? Why is it a crime to drive drunk? Why not also a crime for driving asleep? To drink is as legal as sleeping, isn't it?

My point is that the real problem is Alcohol, get ride of it & you'd solve a lot of problems by the way :)


  1. i think that a drunk is blamed by his act , because a person before getting drunk he knows for sure this can lead him to this situation or worse"losing his mind".....a kid or a sleeping person doesn't have the choice to choose weather to be conscious or not !


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