Are We Born Free or Enslaved?

This started with this phrase:

"Man wasn't born free, he was born to get free"

Is that true? This reminds me of a saying by Umar ibn al-Khattab, translated from Arabic it's close to: "When did you enslave people as they were born free?"

In my opinion, humans are born free, then as they interact with their environment they become less or more enslaved by certain ideas, rituals & habits, there's another Islamic saying from the prophet Mohammad this time, talking about the child who's born with on instinct (which is Islam, recognizing & the only God creator of the universe), then his parents make him take their religion.

So in fact man is born free, is enslaved by the surroundings, then he should use his brain to free himself & find his own way.

That said, there's no example of real & absolute freedom in this world, man is always dependent to the elements of life, he needs to eat, to drink, to breath; he needs the care of other people; from this point of view, a baby even before he's born is enslaved, & will be till he dies ...

So maybe the real freedom a man can have comes with death, or maybe in a life after death, but then, the Muslim I am thinks at least a part of humanity will never know what freedom is, they live in this world enslaved by wrong ideas & then are enslaved in the other world because of the same ideas ...


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