A Clever & Unusual Phishing Private Message

Today I knew that Hackers, will not try only to steal your online accounts that are worth some money, but even some really less important ones - in a hacker's eyes I mean - like your ID in a forum for example!

I added that "in a hacker's eyes" phrase because your forum ID can have a really big value for you, it's part of your identity especially if you spent long time in some community & made some friends, but for the hacker it means nothing, do hackers care about what anything represents to you? They don't or else they wouldn't be "hacking" LoL!

Well, 2 or 3 hours ago I get a PM in GoldAge.net forum in which I'm a moderator, it was forwarded by a mad user to me, here's the PM content:
my thread became so inert
so to make it popular

take part n win $500 paypal

i m giving $500

guess my referral number in the thread


reply ur guesses there

no need to register
no hidden charges

the winner will be posted as soon as some one is successful
payment by paypal and paypal only

The link was leading to a phishing site looking exactly like our forum & the anchor for the link looked like a regular URL but hiding the phishy URL of course.

Also the scammer / hacker used a username similar to the username of a member who actually opened some contest thread.

Can a hacker make money from a forum ID? I guess he could scam other users if he got an ID of a trusted member, or can use some private information in the hacked account (profile, PMs contents, etc), the password & username could be the same for other accounts of the hacked person, etc.

Or, for some hackers, money is really not their goal, their goal is just to make the biggest mess possible ...

I quickly banned the guy (scammer / hacker) & made an announcement to warn all members, some of them (at least two) actually fell & entered their passwords, I just hope they changed them quickly enough & no one lost his account .. there maybe solutions for that but it's really annoying & time consuming ...


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