Manual Migration From Blogger to Wordpress

I managed to do that today with one of my blogs that was hosted in my server using the FTP publishing option in Blogger.

I don't know if I can call that a "migration", what I did was: 1st emulating Blogger URLs in Wordpress permalink structure, & second, copying / pasting all the posts from Blogger to WP.

1. Permalinks: Blogger posts URLs look like this:

To have similar URLs in WP you need to change the permalink structure to this custom one:


2. Migrating Posts: If you have many posts, this step would be a real pain:

Start a new post in your new WP blog, then in your Blogger dashboard list all your blog posts, start from the first one (or the last), copy its URL for example:, get only the part between the date & .html, i.e. in our example: post-title and put it in the "Post Slug" field for the post you are starting in Wordpress.

Again in Wordpress, change the date in the "Post Timestamp" field to the date of the original post (especially month & year).

The date & post slug are important to have the exact URL of the old Blogger post for the new Wordpress post.

Now give your post a title (same old title recommended) & copy / paste the content (better to copy the HTML version), also you may create the same categories as in the old blog even if they'll have different URLs than Blogger's ones, but what matters most are posts URLs.

You're done, rest to follow the same steps for all your posts or the ones that are important for you; this was my manual migration guide. :)


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