How to Make a Scatter Brush in Adobe Illustrator

Today as I was creating some stuff on AI (Adobe Illustrator, a rather new software for me) I needed some dust effect & for that had to create a custom brush & use it with a path created with the pen tool.

You can create the brush using any vectorized shape(s) you create, you just select your shape (or shapes using the selection tool + the Shift key), & then drag the selection to the Brushes palette, a box would pop-up, choose "New Scatter Brush"; another box will pop-up to let you customize settings, just click OK for now, don't change anything.

Now test your brush, create a shape using the Pen tool or Pencil tool & apply the brush on it, wouldn't be perfect, let's fix it now:

Keep the shape selected, double click on the icon of your brush in the Brushes palette, the box to customize the brush will pop-up again, check the "Preview" box to see how the brush looks when you change settings & start changing them, when finished click on OK.

Here you are, your new & own scatter brush is ready!

You can also customize the brush settings only for some shape & not the others or the original brush itself, for that, select your shape then look for a button named "Options of selected object" in the bottom of the Brushes palette, click on it, brush settings box will pop-up, mess with it as you like before you save clicking on OK.


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